About the City

Compton greeted the 21st Century as a multiracial, multicultural community of 98,462 residents.  Roughly one-third of the Compton populace is under the age of 18 years, and over half of the total residents are female.  According to the U.S. Census taken in 2010 the City’s race or ethnic breakdown is 65{31168041488653cca6915632fcd27ea8a1be460cb5e2a9d4990fb456691e6d97} Hispanic or Latino, 33{31168041488653cca6915632fcd27ea8a1be460cb5e2a9d4990fb456691e6d97} Black or African American, 1.7{31168041488653cca6915632fcd27ea8a1be460cb5e2a9d4990fb456691e6d97}, Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, 0.7{31168041488653cca6915632fcd27ea8a1be460cb5e2a9d4990fb456691e6d97} Native American or Alaskan Native, and the balance Asian, White or other race.

Compton is 10.2 square miles and is fondly known as the “Hub City” because of its unique geographical proximity being in the center of the Los Angeles County boundaries.  As the ‘Hub City’ it makes Compton strategically located along the Alameda Corridor, a rail passageway of 25{31168041488653cca6915632fcd27ea8a1be460cb5e2a9d4990fb456691e6d97} of all U.S. waterborne international trade, in addition to being a large industrial center for transit and distribution, business services, high technology, home and lifestyle products, metals, financial services, and textile manufacturing.

The Hub City is part of the Gateway region and has a 77-acre Compton / Woodley Airport that is home to 275 based aircraft and experiences over 66,000 flight operations each year.  This air transportation asset is complimented by the Hub City’s four major freeways adjacent to the City’s boundaries.  Interstate 710 runs from the seaports through the eastern boundary; the State Route 91 freeway extends through the southern boundary; Interstate 105 runs slightly along the north of the City; and Interstate 110 along to the west.  Additionally, the Interstates 405 and 605 freeways are within two miles of Compton’s southern and eastern edges, respectively.

The City of Compton’s Parks & Recreation Department operates and maintains a total of sixteen (16) playgrounds for a combined 118 acres of active park space.  Facilities include six community centers, seven neighborhood parks, two walking parks, two community competition size swimming pools, three regulation size gymnasiums, a skate park, Jackie Robinson Baseball Stadium, Nine-Hole Par 3 Golf Course, and the world class two-story 29,641 square foot Douglas F. Dollarhide Community Center.

Education is vital to Compton’s growth and part of this includes the sixty year history of the community college, where today it is the El Camino College Compton Center that utilizes the latest techniques for preparing the workforce and provides clear pathways for transfer to university completion and lifelong learning.  Building up to the community college, the Compton Unified School District facilitates learning programs in the City for all residents through eight (8) Middle Schools, 24 Elementary Schools, three (3) High Schools, and One (1) Adult School.

Compton has emerged with one of the region’s most dynamic shopping environments with 26 of the nation’s top 100 retailers delivering quality products and services, as well as local hiring opportunities for the many residents and visitors.  The Compton Town Center hosts 30 businesses that has a Burlington’s Coat Factory, Smart and Final, IHOP, CVS, Superior Grocers, Major Banks, plus much more.  The Rosecrans Shopping Plaza has over 15 great stores, and the Gateway Towne Center is an unparalleled shopping experience in one easy to reach location that hosts, but is not limited to, Home Depot, Target, Staples, Best Buy, Ross, PetSmart, 24 Hour Fitness, plus over a dozen major fast and casual dining establishments.

January 2017 Compton proudly opened its WalMart Super Center, recognized as the largest U.S. based Retail Company of the world’s largest retailers.  In the fall of 2017 the City welcomes United Parcel Services (UPS) to its Brickyard Industrial Park that will serve home to this global giant’s newest package handling facility, which adds to the UPS package capacity it handles in more than 220 countries.  Compton also has the Walnut Industrial Park that is 1,500 acres of many quality corporations like Kroger’s, Carbon Activated, Alloy Processing, and Nissan.

The City of Compton has a vibrant economy that includes jobs, reasonable living costs, and plenty of fun things to do, making it a positive destination City with all the ingredients for greater success.